We are a Doncaster based Social Enterprise offering horticulture services and education to clients including people who have learning difficulties. You can learn how to grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs, develop new skills, work in a community setting and meet new friends in a safe and comfortable environment.

A Social Enterprise That Offers ...
  • Vocational Learning
  • Non-Vocational Learning
  • City & Guilds Level 1 & 2
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Horticultural Skills
  • Landbased Skilss
  • Be Part of the Community
  • Make New Friends
  • Grow Your Own Produce!

A little about CHASE ...

CHASE is located on a fantastic 3 acre site in Hyde Park, Doncaster. In the past, our      organisation has worked with the NHS, local schools, South Yorkshire Probation Trust and Doncaster Council.

One of our aims over the years has been helping members of our local community gain recognised qualifications.

Over the past 2 1/2 years, CHASE has been   developing its services for people with     learning difficulties, some of whom have benefitted from a vocational qualification.

What makes CHASE so unique is the fact that it is a community-based Social Enterprise. It's surplus, mainly fresh vegetables, is distributed, free of charge to its beneficiaries and the local community You can become part of our group, make new friends, be a team member and make a positive contribution toward the lives of others and yourself.

Our Educational Program

CHASE provides an amazing outdoor learning experience for its community, delivering City and Guilds Levels 1 and 2 in Horticulture Skills.

Over 20 Years...

CHASE has a history on Carr House Allotments, going back almost 20 years, firstly as an Allotment Association, then as a Company Limited by Guarantee with Social Aims and Objectives. It is wholly a community-based organisation.  Local residents work for CHASE.


“To offer horticulture services to everyone in a community setting enabling people to meet new friends in a safe and comfortable environment.”

– Pete Beresford